About Us

Mission: To Educate and Prepare all Students to Live Productive Lives in a Complex and Changing Society


The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence is dedicated to providing leadership and support, in collaboration with all stakeholders, in the creation and maintenance of an enabling environment for the provision of holistic personal and social development of students which will result in citizens capable of contributing to the sustainable development of society.

The vision for the Ministry is “Each Child Succeeds." The vision recognizes that every child can learn and has a right to a basic education. This vision places the pursuit of quality at the heart of education. We believe that what takes place in classrooms and other learning environments is fundamentally important to the well being of our children.

The educational system operates within the framework of the Education Act No. 11 of 1997 (PDF 2.3 MB). The Act, as stipulated in Section 3, seeks to provide “for the orderly and coordinated development of a relevant, varied and comprehensive educational system in Dominica characterized by excellence."

In carrying out this task and in working toward the achievement of the goals outlined in Section 2 of the Education Act, the Ministry of Education seeks to ensure that there exists adequate support systems for the delivering of appropriate and efficient educational services.

In this regard, the Ministry will continue to employ various strategies to equip our students with the necessary tools to unearth the treasures that lie buried within them and enable them to be global citizens of tomorrow. Among them are:

  • Promote learning as a collaborative experience;
  • Create an enabling environment that facilitates the process of teaching and children;
  • Adopt a research-driven and consultative approach to development of programmes;
  • Recognize the need for organizing pedagogy to cater for multiple intelligences and different learning styles;
  • Use a variety of innovative and creative strategies (differentiated instruction);
  • Promote the creativity of students and the building of self-esteem and confidence;
  • Use sports as a vehicle to develop healthy bodies, disciplined and alert minds;
  • Recognize the school and classrooms as centres of change;
  • Provide training to principals and teachers;
  • Utilize ICT as a tool in enhancing management of schools and the teaching/ learning process.
  • Implement an assessment protocol throughout the system which provides relevant and up to date information for decision making.
  • Strengthen and expand the technical and vocational training to provide “hands on ” experience to our students and to integrate them into the world of work and further study.

We will continue to encourage all educators – principals and teachers, to shift their mind set, improve their practices and approaches, become current and flexible, and adopt a strong personal belief that each of us and our schools can make a real and significant difference for all the students who come through their doors.

Hon. Octavia Alfred
Hon. Minister
Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth (Ag.)
Permanent Secretary
Dr. Jeffrey Blaize (Ag.)
Assistant Chief Education Officer