Curriculum & Measurement Unit

The Curriculum, Measurement and Evaluation Unit was established to develop, disseminate and monitor the implementation of curricula across the education system. The unit provides instructional and curricula support to schools through the provision of curriculum guides; supervising instruction; conducting workshops on developing pedagogical practice and assessment; providing instructional support materials; revising existing curricula and developing and reviewing curricula and programmes including Mathematics, Language Arts, Modern Languages, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Visual and performing Arts, Health and Family Life Education, Music, Physical Education and Sports and Technical Vocational Education and Training.

The unit is also charged with the responsibilities of assessing students at the end of each Key Stage and providing training in assessment to teachers of both primary and secondary schools. In this regard, the unit develops diagnostic assessments at the end of key stage 2 (Grade 2) and also at the end of Grade 4. These assessments are used mainly for diagnosing individual students areas of need and remediation to meet those needs. Assessment at the end of Key stage 2 (Grade 6 National Assessment) serves as a primary exit assessment. To this end, the CMEU co-ordinates/supervises local examinations in accordance with prescribed regulations; co-ordinates the construction of national examinations and tests; facilitates reliable and timely procurement of examination results; conducts research on achievement and learning; trains teachers in assessment and evaluation techniques; processes, analyses and prepares reports on national and external examinations.

Also charged to the unit is the task of developing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at schools. The Unit works closely with the Dominica TVET council to organize training for teachers and the procurement of materials for schools and with CXC in our efforts to award the CVQs to students at the end of secondary schools.

The unit is manned by a 12-member staff with Mr. Robert Guiste as head. There are 7 curriculum Officers, 1 Measurement Officer, 1 General Editor and 2 administrative assistants. Curriculum officers are responsible for their respective subject areas across both the primary and secondary schools.