Education Trust Fund

What is the Education Trust Fund?

The Education Trust Fund is a facility established by an act of parliament No. 17 of 1981, referred to as the Education Trust Fund Act.


The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to students whose families have serious financial difficulties.

Who can get assistance?

The fund focuses on secondary students who without this assistance are unable to continue their education.

How can one get assistance?

Parents requiring assistance complete an application form provided by the Secretary of the Education Trust Fund Board in the Ministry of Education or at the various village council offices.

How can you help the fund?

Although Government provides an annual subvention for students’ assistance, the fund seeks to raise money in order to meet the growing demands for assistance. Funds are raised by donations from persons, clubs, local, regional or international associations and by fund raising activities.

Who is involved?

For the purpose of administering the Fund, a Board of Trustees consisting of not less than five (5) and not more than seven (7) persons is appointed by the Minister for Education. Members of the Boards hold office for a period of two years. A brochure is available here for download.

Operations of the Fund

The Board may grant financial assistance to any student deemed unable to complete his/her education in the absence of such financial assistance. All monies received for and on behalf of the Fund is deposited with a Bank approved by the Board of Trustees in the name of the Education Trust Fund.

Applying to the fund

People wishing to apply to the fund can download an application form, fill it out and bring it to the Education Trust Fund secretary at:

Trust Fund Office
Education Science and Technology Building
Cnr Hall & Cornwall Street
Tel: 767-266-5578